Since 2003, Annie's List has helped prepare women to run for office and has provided future campaign staff with the tools they need to work on successful campaigns through our extensive training series.

We provide a suite of training paths with the goal of getting more women elected to office. No matter your experience in politics, Annie's List Training & Engagement Fund has a program that meets you where you are and takes you from there. We offer college internships, introductory training sessions with local legislators, intensive sessions for the woman ready to run, and a program for those interested in becoming a campaign staffer. We want to help you become the leader your community needs!

The Fire | Courage 

The phoenix sets itself on fire turning into ashes to be reborn - in mythology, it is the journey in order to transform. The phoenix rises from the ashes after a struggle and the fire activates this process representing the first step to be reborn stronger once again.

The Sun | Resilience

The time before the sun rises where the phoenix prepares itself to come back from the ashes.

The Rising | Transformation 
With the rising sun, it is now time for a new cycle. The phoenix is ready to face the next challenge.

The Stylized Lone Star | Strength 

Our phoenix is meant to be reborn endlessly to protect the Lone Star of Texas as our incumbents and elected officials do year after year.