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Through our extensive training series, we've helped prepare progressive women to run for office and have provided future campaign staff with the tools they need to work on successful campaigns.

We provide a suite of training paths with the goal of getting more women elected to office. No matter your experience in politics, Annie's List Training & Engagement Fund has a program that meets you where you are and takes you from there. We offer introductory training sessions with local elected officials and former candidates, intensive sessions for candidates ready to run, and a program for those interested in becoming a campaign staffer and those looking to advance their campaign skill sets. We want to help you become the leader your community needs!

Annie's List Training Fund

Advocate Training workshops help you get involved in our efforts and learn the most effective ways to support women running for office. If you're interested in investing in candidates to create change or learning to brush up on your volunteer skills, this training can help!

For more information on this training path, email:

Building women's political power takes more than just candidates and voters. To win, we need campaign staff with the strategy, skills, and experience to get the job done. This is where you come in. 

ALTEF is committed to increasing the number of women and women of color who work on campaigns in Texas. Whether you are a new college grad, a retiree, or are interested in a career change, our staff training path is for you.


Our candidate training programs are at the heart of the work that we do to change the face of power in Texas. We offer everything from a crash course in basic campaign skills to more advanced workshops to continue candidate education throughout the election process.

Electing progressive women to office is just the first step in the process of changing Texas. Once elected we provide training programs on advocating for our ALTEF's values, managing staff, working towards re-election, and working for their constituents. 

For more information on this training path email:

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