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Campaign Training

We offer everything from a crash course in basic campaign skills to more advanced workshops to continue candidate education throughout the election process. Learn more about upcoming trainings below!

Training Calendar

Please email to inquire about our scholarship process.

Virtual Trainings - Join us on Zoom!

Typically held from 6PM-9PM CST

Campaign Training Series

Training Series are typically held on Saturdays and include two training sessions, Campaign 101 from 9AM-12PM and an Advanced Campaign Skills course from 1PM-4PM. We invite you to register to join us for either, or both, sessions!


Not sure which training is right for you? Find more details on our programs below and contact us at for questions.

Train with us in 2024:

Campaign 101

You may be years away from your first election or considering a run soon. You may be struggling with the question: can I really do this? Or, do I really want this? You may also be interested in working on a campaign vs. being the candidate. Whatever questions you have about running or helping others run, ALTEF wants to help you find the answers.

You are not alone as you consider what direction to take your political involvement and leadership journey. ALTEF's experienced team knows what tools and insight that folks need to get ready to take their next steps. 

At Campaign 101, you’ll get insight from experienced political strategists and our elected champions on what it takes to prepare for a successful race, from school board to Congress. You will also connect with other like-minded Texans looking to take their activism to the next level!

Campaign 101 includes:

  • Basic Campaign Strategy in Data, Field, Finance, Comms, Operations

  • Practice developing and presenting your “elevator pitch”

  • A Campaign General Plan Template

  • A Campaign Kick Off Starter Checklist​

In-person Training Fee: $30
Virtual Training Fee: $10

Advanced Campaign Skills

These deeper dives into campaign skills provide future candidates and staff with a sound foundation for successful races for state and local offices. Each course focuses on a specific campaign topic, with hands-on practice and expert feedback, so you can leave the course with practical experience.


FUNDRAISING — Learn different fundraising methods, how to file financial compliance information, how to build your contact database, and best practices for call-time. Key Takeaway: Initial Fundraising Plan

FIELD — Learn different methods for contacting voters, volunteer recruitment and management, common tools used in Texas, and practice block walking conversations. Key Takeaway: Initial Field plan.

DATA — Learn how to define and target your voter base, how to digest polling information, data and cybersecurity tips, and practice using common data tools in Texas. Key Takeaway: Voter Base Analysis Skills

COMMUNICATIONS — Learn different communications methods in elections, tips on developing press relationships, how to build and relay your campaign message across mediums, and practice public speaking skills. Key Takeaway: Initial Communications Plan

OPERATIONS & CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT — Learn tips on managing human resources, banking / payroll, volunteer recruitment, candidate management, data and cybersecurity, and how to keep a campaign on track with its goals. Key Takeaway: Initial Campaign General Plan

PUBLIC SPEAKING & MEDIA SKILLS — Learn tips on how to be an effective public speaker, with practice for TV, radio, and other interview appearances, and receive real-time feedback from communications experts. Key Takeaway: Media Interview Skills & Practice

​Training Fee per Course: $40
Virtual Training Fee: $25


Frontera Training Scholarship


The Annie's List Training & Engagement Fund is committed to helping more women run for office -- for everything from School Board to Congress -- and making sure you have the skills and connections to do so. That's why we were thrilled to team up with Latino Victory Project to provide Frontera Training Scholarships for future candidates from border communities and across the state to attend our trainings.


If you have any questions about the Frontera Training Scholarship program or other scholarship opportunities, please email us directly:

Frontera Training Scholarship

Grace Ann Garcia Scholarship


Grace Ann Garcia served as Executive Director of Annie's List from 2013 until her passing on June 2, 2014.


This memorial scholarship was established to ensure Grace’s legacy lives on through the training of future candidates and staffers for years to come.


Grace Ann Garcia Scholarships are available to those who apply and qualify for financial support of participation in any ALTEF learning opportunity.


To apply for or to contribute to the Grace Ann Garcia Scholarship, please email us at:

Grace Ann Garcia Scholarship
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